एल्यूमीनियम दरवाजे और खिड़कियों के दो नए बदलाव


Two new changes of aluminum doors and windows

1.Changes in colour selection

Champagne color and color wood grain spraying have become the mainstream of consumption

In terms of appearance color of aluminum alloy doors and windows this year, romantic champagne color, color wood grain spraying, etc. have become the mainstream of the market, followed by composite aluminum wood structure has also become the favorite of many fashion home people.


Romantic champagne color interpretation of mainstream

Doors and windows made of champagne aluminum alloy materials are becoming the mainstream of market consumption. According to Wu Weishe, deputy general manager of Guangdong Huachang Aluminum Co., Ltd., romantic champagne aluminum alloy profiles have become popular this year. Using the latest electrophoresis process, every point, surface and hole can be painted evenly, with smooth and delicate appearance and warm color. Quite luxurious. The price is not high, 350 ~ 400 yuan / square meter, very popular.


Color wood grain surface color changeable

Aluminum alloy doors and windows with colored wood grain paint are also popular this fall. The colorful wood grain doors and windows with rich and varied designs and styles are lined with elegant and bright glass doors, and the cold and rigid face becomes beautiful. The person in charge of Baishunxing's aluminum alloy doors and windows said that the wood grain is sprayed with paint, and the color is changeable, what color you want.


The composite aluminum-wood structure is stylish

The composite aluminum-wood structure doors and windows are made of aluminum + wood. One side is a smooth and delicate aluminum door frame, and the other side is a noble and warm wooden door frame, just like a double-sided beauty. According to Wuwei Club, it adopts double splicing, the outside is aluminum alloy, the inside is pure wooden door, and the heat insulation board is added in the middle, which can not only resist the outside cold and hot air, but also fireproof, it is very suitable for balcony or kitchen door. However, the cost per square meter is as high as more than 3,000 yuan, and it is mostly used in villas, high-end duplexes, and weekday hotels.

1. Innovation in manufacturing process

Electrophoresis and spraying replace traditional oxidation and spraying

The process update is the second biggest change of aluminum alloy doors and windows this fall. It is understood that the appearance of traditional aluminum alloy materials mainly adopts oxidation and painting processes, and the corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, decoration and environmental protection are not as good as the new electrophoresis and spraying processes.


Most consumers pay more attention to the style and color of doors and windows, but they don't know much about the production process. Mr. He, a professional, said that the traditional aluminum surface treatment is mainly oxidation and painting, the color is monotonous, and the appearance is rough. , The latest electrophoresis and spraying process, the surface adhesion is stronger, the paint film is not easy to fall off, the corrosion resistance, environmental protection and decoration are better, especially the electrophoresis process, with double-layer protection, high transparency, strong metal texture, better than spray paint, Powder coating is more decorative.


Spraying can be divided into two categories: monochrome spraying and color spraying according to color. The spraying raw materials include powder coatings (commonly known as plastic powder), fluorocarbon polymer resin coatings, etc. Not as good as electrophoresis.

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